Makis Dimitroglou

Architect N.T.U.A.
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Mdterra is a modern, innovative, architectural practice, based in Athens, Greece.

In Mdterra, we have a strong inner impulse to study, understand and stage, client’s personal narrative. We use our creativity by means of geometry, technology, scale, material features, climate and light, in order to meet client’s expectations and we provide high-quality architectural services. We design sustainable spaces for rest, work and socializing, encompassing people, determined by their needs and reflecting back their actions.

Our work is recognized and awarded through national and international architectural competitions.

Architecture is a great opportunity to introduce and communicate social values. We believe that built environment has strong impact in human behavior, therefore it has to be more than an illustrated scenery where action takes place.

We make a story out of it.

Designed environment can be the story itself.

It can be the Act.

It can be the Fact.

It can be the Experience.

That is our Greatest Pursuit.


Marisofi Loutragoti
Architect N.T.U.A.

Katerina Parmagou
Architect N.T.U.A.

Errikos Stefanos Piroula Godoy
Architect N.T.U.A.

Maria Chaloutsi
Architect N.T.U.A.

Eleftheria-Maria Kostopoulou
Architect N.T.U.A.


Address. 272 Sofokleous Str 17674
Athens Greece


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